John Wescott

Founding Partner

John is our Swing Trade & Commodities chat Advisor. John, known as Jackofalltrades has been a trader and investor since 2006, while also working as a drilling consultant. As someone specializing primarily in swings, trading both high and low volatility stocks he used his experience to trade without constantly monitoring the positions’ every move while maintaining his day job.

Over the years he used his experience and passion to expand his knowledge and adapt to the current market conditions, his trading style evolved-and with it, his success. John’s early trading years lead to success by focusing on both technical and fundamental analysis. He dedicated his time to studying the methods from many skilled traders relevant to his expertise and found that his trading improved drastically.

His first rule of thumb is to learn from mistakes and apply the knowledge gained from experience. With the support of his wife recognizing his passion for trading and helping others he changed careers and has since been mentored by some of the best in the industry. John has grown his network vastly, become consistent in his gains and has taught and trained many traders along the way.

John spent years going over chart patterns, learning candle sticks and methods that solidified his style. He focuses more on the breakout plays (before they kick into gear) and on volume and chart setups. John’s passion also extends to helping new traders understand the markets and the skills required to become a successful trader.

Frank MacEachern

Founding Partner

Frank known as “Dig” is a full-time trader and entrepreneur.  Frank has been investing and trading for 15 yrs.  Frank is very well grounded to what the current status of the markets is and what expected to drive the markets.

Frank has many strategies that he utilizes, although when it comes down to becoming successful at trading, it is the basic principles, trading plans and risk management that drives success.  Protecting capital through risk management is a major focus area for ECT traders. 

Paying attention to market indicators and forecasting is Franks niche.  Frank collaborates with industry leaders and market forecasters to ensure that your investment is timed appropriately while minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

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