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Frank & John – Founding Partners of ECT

Stock Market Specialists

Our professional traders have played the markets for years and have been through the ups and downs. Our traders play the market in all directions to ensure the profits do not stop!

Market Analysis

Hedging strategies

Day trade scalps in volatile markers

Swing trades in stable markets

Short selling in falling markets

Option trading (Calls and Puts)

Stock Market Training

We offer one on one training or group training to all subscribed members. We also offer literature for self learning, so you can find that trader with in you and your style.

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Learning the basics that even the most experienced trader still follow

Material for market analysis and learning different trading strategies

Daily Stock Picks

ECT collaborated with in the industry to bring the hot sectors and the potential winners that will maximize profit.

Swing Trades

Day Trades


Short selling

and even potential profitable option trades

Personal Returns & Success Stories

Our members are doing well and they aren’t afraid to share their success stories, will yours be here next??

“Day trading I increased my trading account by 187% in only 2 months!”

“I increased my small account by 800% playing over the counter trades called out on ECT chats”

“I am getting an average of 20% gains off the swings the ECT calls”

Entries are timed well to maximize the use of your money and put it to work faster.

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